Be The Commentables. You Write, We Act, And You Could Win A Prize! - YouthSays Campaign -

Be The Commentables. You Write, We Act, And You Could Win A Prize! - YouthSays Campaign -

~ Passion Play ~

The clock strikes 6.00pm and Roon was anxious. “Where the fuck is Avi?” he whispers to himself.

Roon was loosing his patience as he waited for hours for the man he calls his soul mate. Never did he expect in a million years, he would fall deeply in love with a man so soon in his life. Gone was the promiscuous age where he shagged any good looking queer man he laid his eyes on. Monogamy, once a taboo word, has found its way into a permanent lifestyle.

Avi, God damn knew, Roon was a perfect package. A hunk standing tall between the borders of striking good looks and charming personality, with a natural demeanor that oozes sex appeal.

As Avi dropped himself onto the couch thinking of cuddling himself in his man’s arm he was jolted by the sound of the doorbell. He jumped and sprint towards the door. With his heart palpating and mind hitting its black spot, he froze as he opened the door

There stood Roon, staring straight into Avi’s eyes. Roon clad in a simple T-shirt and jeans, has his cheeky smile on, further increasing the blood flow in Avi’s veins. Avi grabbed Roon by the neck pulling him close to him and kissed him endlessly.

They sat on the floor, talking as the day plunges into darkness. Roon could only find himself transfixed by his man’s ability of ignoring the sexual tension. Roon could no longer hold himself, as he drew himself closer to Avi and whispered into Avi’s ear. Roon finished his sentence with a kiss on Avi’s cheeks, moving passionately to his lips. Avi felt his hands tremble as if it was their first kiss, dwelling deep into lust and forbidden love.

Roon unbuttoned Avi’s shirt slowly as he kissed him, working the magic of love making like a craftsman working his lumber. Avi realized that he has no insecurities being naked in front of Roon. The comfort they shared was indeed a perfect chemistry and Roon knew he was at his very best when he’s with Avi. Avi is the only man that rages his passion to such height. They made love till dawn, living the moment they cherished the most.
Giving in to man’s biggest weakness, of physical play and unconditional love.

They bring the man and the woman out of one another perfectly, putting to shame sayings blasted at them by other, that only a man and a woman are meant for one another.

Indeed love is blind.



~Leave... Walk away....~

You left her in complete confusion.
You left, without a warning.
Leaving her behind, stranded alone in her darkest despair, assuming she would do fine without you. You know for sure that she would not be happy alone, yet you assume the contrary.

You left her confused, bewildered in her utmost fragile state, cold as stone.

She knew that she would never be able to lie in his arms again. She misses the comfort, the security, and the peace of knowing she's in the arms of the man she loves most. All she ever wanted was a closure.
A closure that would slap her back to reality.
A closure that would bless her with the strength to move on in her life.
A closure to mark the end of a relationship they held strong for years.
It was either that or a second chance in life itself.
A second chance from him, for them.

She watched him walk away, moving on in a life of his own, without any commitments. She fears for his life. She knows she won’t be able to move on easily. Yet she's left with no choice. She has to ignore the pain she has put herself in and swallow all the pain. She has no choice but to turn a blind eye of all the things she cares about when it came to him. She has to ignore and pretend.

“It’s impossible”, she thinks to herself. No matter what, she will wait.
She has decided she would wait for her man, no matter what it takes.
She has decided to be selfish and not let anyone change her mind.

Blinded by her immense emotions for him, she walks away. She walks away from her comfort zone, and awaits her moment.

For she knows one fine day she would be able to get her man back....
Even if the Gods turned her down, at the very least she dies trying…

Infinity Downline

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In need of more 'me'...

Its one of those days where i just want to be alone.
To drift in my pitiful fantasies, to sulk and pamper myself.
Probably with some retail therapy and some short nap's.
However, that's not always the case...

Which gears up my mind, embracing the ultimate question. Will i actually achieve anything that i want? Or will Murphy's law be a bitch and take things under his control? Damn! The hell one has to endure finding the right answer to this. No matter what, we still dream, fantasize, pray and hope to achieve what we want. Here i am sitting in the train rushing off to work, only to realize, no matter how hard i worked on my life i tend to always fall back into square one. Not happy with what I'm doing, not emotionally and financially stable, and often overwhelmed with regrets of certain things i have done in my life.. The only positive event taking place right now is my boyfriend.

Even so, my insecurities on myself is a threat to the "us" we have now. Oh how i wish life ain't so complicated. There i go again wishing for something which i know would end up as another chapter in my book of unrealistic dreams.. I need to vent, yet my verbal skills in expressing the inner me is something i am unable to master. To pen it down seems to be too humiliating at times. The second question i keep asking, i wonder if I'm the only one going through this or is the entire world hitting this apocalyptic thought? Hmm... I'm confident in many ways compared to my friends. I dare say things out loud yet to talk about how depressing certain things are which i kept to myself for years seems to be the hardest thing to do.

Gah! I just need some 'me' time. No human contact no commitments and certainly no annoying screaming kids by my side. *Stares at kid sitting on the next seat.* My stop is here. Wouldn't it be great to achieve something as easy as boarding the train and getting off at our destination....

Ciao folks.

Have a great time in confusion land reading what i just wrote...

~White Chickens

It has been ages since i last blogged. I'm gonna kick-start my blogging days and make it a weekly commitment at the very least.

Few nights back was one of those nights filled with a tiring and creepy dream. Started out as an innocent dream, where i found myself in my secondary school it drifted to creepy land once the sun was out. Yeah, my dreams are dramatic to its very last core.

The darkness of the night... in my dream that is, was possessing everyone i knew. I know i was standing alone somewhere when suddenly a stream of white chickens flocked their way through.

Thousands of them.

Running in a crazy manner away from the people around them. It look more like the chickens were scared of the people around.

Then came the creep factor. People were killing those chickens. Literally biting them and pulling their feathers off. Humans were zombies attaching chickens.
Steven Spielberg might get a new inspiration here...

I witnessed my best friend literally shredding a chicken with her bare hands and her teeth. It was sick and disgusting. I was running away from the whole massacre, running so fast i fell multiple times, injuring myself head to toe.

Heard a few screams around me. Bizarre screams from people i couldn't even recognize.
All of a sudden i opened my eyes and i realized mum was yelling downstairs, asking me to get my ass up as i was a little late for work.

I need a good interpretation of this.

I seriously do....

My lookout...

Whenever im in the mood to blog, theres always something to hinder my plans.
Something internal. My very own ridiculous thinking. Now im finally over it. Im finally getting up and hitting those key's.

This year has been nothing but hectic. Despite all the drama's i had to endure beginning of the year I was always able to keep my cool. Now, however, im on the tip of the ice berg. At any given moment i might collapse. A ball of mental stress is what i am made off now. All the work piling up in the office seems to be going nowhere. Ahh... Im in desperate need for a vacation!
Its not easy to handle a permanant job in a company dealing with multi billion dollar clients. The requirements needed to be fulfiled is massive. I never knew this much of work will be needed for what seems to be a small task.

Life has been topsy turvy all the time, yet regret is one thing i am avoiding. I don't regret nor do i want to regret the responsibilities i have succumbed into. I am growing in every way possible and all i can do is learn as much possible and be proud for being a mile ahead of many others out there.

What more can i ask for right now many ask, I have a stable job, a partner that is beyond amazing, a grear family, and financial stability. Yet the only thing that boggles me right now is my education. I want to go further, and not stop where i have stopped. Many things has come my way, and i had no choice but to put the books on hold. I need to persue what i am interested in and excel in it. Yet there are things in have to settle before i hit the higher platform. January will be a fresh start for me. A new environment i have been craving for. Finally a chance to hit back those dusty books!

For the first time in my life i cant wait for 2010.
A new beginning i would say. A completely new beginning.

4th November 2009